Computer laboratories

Computer laboratories

Much of the classes is held in computer laboratories. Each laboratory intended for students is equipped with 22 computers (auditoria with specialized graphic software are the exception – there are 17 computers), white blackboard and projector. Students have two net printers at their disposal.

Computer laboratories at WIT are provided with the following software:

  • Microsoft (we are the participants of the programs Microsoft MSDN AA, AATP, Select) (software: Windows series operating system, Developer Tools for Visual Studio, servers Windows, server MSSQL).
  • RedHat Linux (software Fedora CORE 16).
  • Oracle (program OAI); (software Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Internet Developer Suite).
  • Corel (Program CLP); (software Corel Draw, Corel iGrafix Process).
  • SAP ERP.
  • IBM (program: IBM Scholars Program, Ariadna); (software: WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Studio, DB2 Universal Database, Rational Suite Enterprise, SPSS, CPLEX).
  • Adobe (software: Adobe Master Collection).
  • Autodesk (software: AutoCAD, 3D Studio, Maya 2009).
  • MapInfo (software: Mapinfo).
  • MAAD (software: Micro Saint).
  • Altera (software: Max+).
  • Scilab Group (software: SCILAB).
  • QUARK (software: QUARK).
  • SUN (software: SDK Java).
  • Aldec (software: Active CAD, Actice HDSL).

The software is regularly changed and updated. Each student has his/her account. With this every WIT network user has the access to the Internet as well as to the mailbox. The account means not only the mailbox, but also to shell account, intended for distance working. The user of WIT network is provided with his/her own network drive, can create websites based on PHP/ASP.NET technologies and is able to use the account both from the school’s network and outside.

The School cares about the regular exchange of computer equipment. Purchases of the equipment is carried out on schedule.

High quality of education, teaching and scientific research goals are being achieved by providing students with one of the most state-of-the-art computer centers at Polish universities.

There is more than 400 computers in 20 laboratories. Each laboratory is connected to the local network and the Internet. The whole school’s network is monitored using specialized software running in real time.

Since 2006 the WIT has a WAN network which uses the most innovative and up-to-date Gibabit Ethernet technology. The links of the backbone network have 1 Gb/s capacity (10 Gb/s in the future), in turn the connection speed of the particular LANs is 1 Gb/s. WIT has nine independent Internet links and their combined bandwidth is over 2 Gb/s (one of the quickest links in Poland). The links use the dynamic routing protocol BGP. The school’s computer network covers two buildings connected with optical fibers. It is supported by 40 servers with a total capacity of 30 TERABYTES of disk drives. The local area networks (LAN) in school buildings are built in the media layer in technology 1000BaseT.

The central server in WIT supports more than 5000 accounts and on its discs (3TB) holds more than 10 million files. From 2011 the data are kept on disk array in order to ensure increased reliability. WIT also has one of the largest in Poland, caching-servers in 3 cache – its buffer is 400 GB, that allows saving a Web page which has been opened in the past five weeks.