Center for Foreign Languages

Center for Foreign Languages

Center for Foreign Languages at WIT conducts classes in English for the first cycle students. The Center runs General English course teaching all language skills.

English language classes are conducted at five different levels – from A0 to B2 – level of language fluency, students are enrolled in groups according to the level of language proficiency. Our goal is to teach our students the considerable language skills. We teach open, effective and proper communication in specific situations.

We achieve this goal through:

  • working in small groups
  • using various teaching methods, which focus on active use of language in the natural and purposeful way
  • the diversity of classes: individual tasks, exercises in pairs and groups, role-plays, conversations, discussions
  • systematic repetition of curricular material
  • tutorial with a lecturer
  • combining work in the classroom with the students’ own work.

Only experienced lecturers are eligible for conducting language classes according to our principles.

WIT has also established the partnership with Macmillan Publishers. The cooperation covers the selection of teaching materials, taking into consideration up to date teaching technologies, including on-line publications. The School’s language curriculum is based on wide-ranging and long-term program aimed at supporting the whole educational process. Besides the traditional classes with a lecturer we offer our students the approach to Macmillan Practice Online (MPO). These are Web-based interactive language classes designed according to the individual level of proficiency.

WIT is as well the TOEIC examination center - this is the most common test of English language in the work environment, aimed at measuring the practical ability to use a foreign language. This is the global standard in over 9 thousand companies, corporations and academic institutions.