Environment-society relations

Environment-society relations

Warsaw School of Information Technology (WIT) cooperates with the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and with the other institutes of the Academy. A close relationship with the Systems Research Institute as well as with other units of the Division IV Technical Sciences PAN determines the character of the studies at WIT. In addition, the School employs university professors from domestic universities: University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics, Military University of Technology, National Defence University, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Due to the expanded foreign cooperation eminent professors of foreign universities are invited to conduct the lectures. Among them there are also Poles living in Canada, the USA and France who are the creators of the latest world achievements in the field of information technology, computing, management, mathematical modeling. They share their experience with students.

Many graduates of WIT go on now studying for doctoral degree, and in January 2010 the first WIT graduate was awarded with the doctoral degree in the field of computer science.

The essential for every academy is cooperation with work places in order to organize professional traineeships and internships for students. In view of this WIT has signed the agreement on cooperation inter alia with the following companies and organizations:

  • Governmental, self-governmental and non-governmental organizations, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, regional office of Masovian Voivodeship, town hall of Milan├│wek, Adam Smith Center, Bumar Elektronika S.A.,
  • IT companies: Oracle Polska, Asseco Poland, IBM, Infovide-MatriX SA, MIS, Extor.

From 2008 WIT is co-organizer of the summer research internships. The subjects of the internships are issues concerning mathematics, computer science and Research & Development. Summer research internships result in annual participation of WIT in the science festival in Warsaw.