• Awarded degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Access to further study: Master of Science
  • Full time course (6 semesters)
  • Part time course (6 semesters)

General information

Study goals:

Admission to 1st cycle degree (Bachelor of Science) in Graphics, at the Warsaw School of Information Technology since 2009/2010 in full-time and part-time program.

In recent years a growing need for creative computer graphic designers efficiently using specialized computer software can be noticed. To meet these challenges, our goal is to educate the student, who combines the artistic sensitivity with the state-of-the-art IT technologies.

The program of the 1st cycle degree in graphics at WIT is designed to teach how to develop independent and creative thinking; it forms a creative attitude to art, provides deep and comprehensive knowledge of graphic arts regarding their workshop and technological peculiarities. The subject area is adapted to technological developments and changing trends in computer graphics. It also corresponds with the needs of the labour market.

The role and significance of the multimedia techniques in curricula are determined by the location of the graphic degree course in the Faculty of Computer Science at WIT, which is a place providing the constantly upgrading computer laboratories.

The program of the 1st cycle degree in graphics at WIT within the specialty the Multimedia techniques enables students to acquire two categories of skills:

First category connected with the degree course is based on acquiring knowledge of the traditional forms of graphics such as: drawing, painting, mastering artistic sense, artistic imagination, creative thinking.

Second category – acquiring knowledge and skills connected with multimedia. Graduates of this course are fully prepared in terms of art and technics to create two- or three-dimensional projects, 2D and 3D virtual world on the computer screen.

Duration of study:

Bachelor studies last 6 semesters in spite of the chosen system of study:

Full-time Awarded degree
Bachelor of Science
Duration: 6 semesters
Part-time Awarded degree
Bachelor of Science
Duration: 6 semesters


1History of Art I, II6
2History of contemporary art2
3Visual Operations and Structures4
5Perspective Drawing Basics2
6Drawing I, II, III, IV16
7Painting ,II, III12
8Vector Graphics 2D I (Illustrator) I, II7
9Bitmap Graphics I, II (Adobe Photoshop)7
10Information Technologies2
11Internet Graphics Basics2
12Computer Typography I, II4
13Graphic DesignI, II, III10
14Multimedia Basics I, II5
15Art of Advertising I, II2
16Graphic Arts I, II8
17Prepress i DTP I, II6
18Internet Animation Basics2
19Digital Photography2
20Digital image processing and Scanning2
21Desktop Publishing I, II (InDesign)6
22Vector Graphics 3D I, II, III (3DS Max)6
23Publishing Graphics2
24Web Design I, II7
25Multimedia Presentation3
26Digital Film I, II (Premiere, After Effects, Encore)3
27Cinematography Art and Technique2
28Psychophysiology of Visual Perception2
31History of Poster2
32Sociology of Art2
33Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Capital3
34Art Marketing3
35Outdoor Painting 1 2
36Outdoor Drawing 22
36Outdoor Photography 32
37English language8
38Diploma Workshop I, II (alternatives)