• Awarded degree: Master of Science
  • Full time course (4 semesters)
  • Part time course (4 semesters)

General information

Duration of study:

Second cycle studies last 4 semesters in spite of the chosen system of study:

Full-time Awarded degree
Master of Science
Duration: 4 semesters
Part-time Awarded degree
Master of Science
Duration: 4 semesters


Digital graphics

Acquired qualifications and abilities:

  • designing the overall image of a company (called corporate identity) (studio of visual identity design)
  • the layout of the so called Brand book – the description of logo design and detailed principles of its usage (studio of visual identity design)
  • designing of signboards, posters (artistic and commercial), advertising campaigns (out of home advertising – billboards, citylights, tube car panels etc.) (studio of posters I, II)
  • digital illustration for various publishing houses (book illustrations, comic-books (studio of digital illustration I, II)
  • designing of publications (projects of magazines, books, albums, guides, catalogues, folders, prospectuses, leaflets etc.) (publications design I, II)
  • professional desktop publishing including the latest printing techniques (DTP – desktop publishing)
  • creation of any publication in compliance with all prepress and DTP standards and requirements (DTP – desktop publishing)
  • advertising photography (fashion/packshot)
  • artistic photography
  • digital photomontage and professional processing of digital images (photomontage and retouching in photography)

Advanced multimedia

Acquired qualifications and abilities:

  • game design (game design I, II)
  • creating advanced multimedia projects (multimedia space design I, II)
  • designing interactive web applications (interactive web applications I, II)
  • creating animations and various interactive projects (animation and interaction – computer workshops)
  • creating visual effects (after effects – video effects – computer workshops)
  • creating digital or animated art movies (digital video I, II/ cartoon)
  • computer-generated imagery (3D animation I, II (Maya))

It is also worth noticing that owing to the flexible curriculum we can adapt the course of studies to the individual student's needs and abilities.