Student affairs

Student affairs

The students’ union and students’ parliament

The Students’ Union at WIT has its delegates inter alia at Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland, Covenant of Warsaw Academies and the BCC Students Forum. The union plays a significant role in awarding scholarships, seeking most favourable conditions for students. Its activity is organizing events, providing colleagues with information about what is happening at WIT and representing students at meetings with the university authorities.
We all want the study conditions at our School to became better and better, therefore, we do our best to encourage and assist our students to influence current affairs. We have our representatives, who represent us on the Faculty Board, scholarship commission, defend students’ interests. Many cultural events not only at the WIT, but also in the city and region are organized.

Academic Sports Association (AZS)

In 2000 the Academic Sports Association (AZS) at WIT has been established. Students at WIT take part in academic competitions at all levels. They also take part in numerous tournaments and amateur leagues. The most successful are sections on volleyball and futsal. The School’s biggest sporting success was winning the eighth place by the volleyball team on the Polish High Schools Championship. The School’s authorities patronize out sportsmen in their efforts by supporting our sporting sections as well as co-financing their trips to the competitions.

Academic Business Incubator (AIP)

Academic Business Incubator at WIT differs from others, because we pay special attention to using new technologies and innovations. It doesn't change the fact that any company, even if it may stray from the general principles of our Incubator, can operate under our wings. Another distinguishing feature of our Incubator is providing these companies with tools that allow them to operate online, from the very beginning without leaving home.

Academic Career Center

Academic Career Center offers individual help with managing of one’s own professional career, looking for job and traineeship, preparing application documents, getting acquainted with the rules of the labour market. The Center helps students and graduates to plan their professional career path through inviting them to participate in interesting trainings and workshops concerning inter alia:

  • recruitment techniques,
  • preparing application documents,
  • active methods of looking for work,
  • professional career planning.

Scientific circles

There are several scientific circles at WIT, which gather students who are interested in broadening their knowledge and ability from the selected area. Within the framework of the circles students meet a lot of interesting people, make direct contacts, take part in organized research trips and conferences.

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