Uses and Misuses of Quantitative Methods in Current Events: Implications for National and International Security

Zapraszamy na Seminarium Centrum Technik Informatycznych WIT i Zakładu Wspomagania Decyzji w Warunkach Ryzyka IBS PAN.

W dniu 26 stycznia (wtorek) o godzinie 16:00, w ramach Seminarium Centrum Technik Informatycznych WIT, Zakładu Wspomagania Decyzji w Warunkach Ryzyka IBS PAN, Polskiej Sekcji INFORMS, Doug Samuelson przedstawi referat „Uses and Misuses of Quantitative Methods in Current Events: Implications for National and International Security”.

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Political campaigns have become increasingly driven by images, memes and social media messaging rather than policy statements.  We review some prominent examples from US Presidential campaigns and discuss how confusing and disruptive messaging was used.  Statistics, Operations Research, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning helped to develop targeting strategies and detect opponents’ attempts to disrupt.  We note how these methods could also be used to disrupt defense and intelligence networks and possibly misdirect lethal force, and draw some lessons learned about how to increase national and international security.

KEYWORDS:  Information security, information tampering, pattern analysis, political tricks, social media messaging, village stability operations, command and control

Douglas A. Samuelson is President and Chief Scientist of his own consulting company, InfoLogix, Inc., in Annandale, Virginia.  He has been a Federal policy analyst, consultant, successful high-tech entrepreneur and executive, patented inventor, political campaign professional, and an adjunct and research faculty member at several universities.  His consulting and research focus on risk-advised decision-making, machine learning, cybersecurity, wargaming, health care policy, and disaster response and preparedness.  He holds a doctorate in Operations Research from The George Washington University.

In the official biography of Doug Samuelson, quoted above, there is no mention on his side activity which nonetheless brought him probably the widest recognition - a columnist. Long before I had a chance to say 'Hello' to him, I had been a keen reader of his column titled 'ORacle' in The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) quarterly bulletin 'OR/MS Today'. Many OR/MS people readily admit they read each issue by starting from his one-page feature stories about our profession ups and downs, sense, no sense, and nonsense(s). He kept writing his column for twenty years or so, entertaining people, amusing them, but at the end, making them to reflect.
The Library of the Systems Research Research Institute maintains an extensive collection of the bulletin issues.

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